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  • Mitglied seit 24. Dezember 2008
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  • as I said earlier - only samsamsam can help you. I can't.
  • Hello jenser1,

    Please try to contact the plugin owner (@samsamsam) on his e-mail or chat with him on facebook messenger so he gets to know you and build trust so he can give you access to the pluging private development.

    In my case, I can't help you as I can't betray samsamsam trust for sharing any of the private development over the net.

    I hope you understand and good luck for you.

    • i have chat with him many weeks ago, in the time when everything was public and everything works.
      but he doesnt give me access to the updates :(
      i dont want regular updates.
      only a update for these 2 services, you know ? thats the reasean why i wright to you :/
  • hello,

    i have a question to you :D

    i use the e2iplayer and i like this plugin very much.

    but i have a problem, at my version sport365 and wiz1 doesnt work and i dont get new updates :(

    i have seen, that you have the new version and would ask you, if you can send me pleeeease your new version?

    thanks a lot