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Possibility of streaming audio over bluetooth

  • No Dreambox has built-in Bluetooth hardware (except the 7080HD, which has a rudimentary BLE transmitter, but which is already disabled and is no able to use a full bluetooth stack). If your Dreambox has audio cinch on the backside, the simplest solution is to use an external bluetooth audio transmitter.

    But audio over bluietooth is crap due the high latency (remarkable by watching dedicated video at the same time) and the lossy protocol (A2DP),

  • First you have to check the protocol features of your bluetooth speakers/earphone. AptX or not, that's the question :D AptX (HD) is a low latency, almost lossless protocoll, If they are not compatible with the AptX protocoll, they are using SBC.

    • You need an Bluetooth Audio Transmitter, e.g. the Avantree Priva III transmitter (as example, he is able to send with both proctocols: AptX and SBC)
    • Because the 920UHD hasn't any analog audio ports anymore, you need a "HDMI to analog audio converter" that you loop in between HDMI-out and the HDMI cable to the TV.

    Another possibility is to connect your Bluetooth equipment directly with your TV(either with his BT capacities or to connect his analog autio-out with the BT audio transmitter.

    Or if you own a AVR, skipping point two and connect your Bluetooth transmitter with the existing analog audio output there.