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Annoying CI Cam messages when zapping between channels

  • Hello all,

    I'm very happy with the nice Merlin OE2.5 image experimental-20190504 for the DM920UHD except for the following problem.

    I've two CI cam in the slots : a Viaccess for TSR and another CAM HD&UHD for Telesat.

    So far so good with the decryption except that there is an annoying message "You don't have the access rights" when you zap between encrypted channels.

    Once booted, I've been able to eliminate that zapping issue by adding all channels and CAid's in the CI cam assignment plugin.

    However another problem remains with EPG importer.

    That plugin works very well to update the EPG data but there is a problem when the user is using CI cams.

    EPG Import is setup to wake up the box from deep standby @6:30AM , import the EPG data and shutdown the box to deep standby afterwards.

    The import and EPG update works flawlessly but the box cannot re-enter in deep standby after the update due that CI Cam message popup.

    In the morning I always find the box ON with the CAM message on the display waiting for somebody to push OK on the remote controller..

    At cold boot, that annoying message remains and is likely preventing EPG importer to cycle the box back to standby.

    Is there any setup file where I could switch the CAM messages OFF as it can be done in other images via the CI device menu?

    I'm not new to Dreamboxes so even if I have to dig in the folders and files, that's not a problem :)!

    Thanks a lot for your help.;)


    DM8000 (GP3) and DM920UHD (Merlin OE2.5)

  • There's the Common Interface Assignment plugin which you must use to assign channels to the module. If you do it correctly, you won't get the message again.

  • As mentioned in my post, I've made my homework regarding the Common Interface Assignment.

    This is effective during the zapping but not during the cold boot.

    When EPG import wakes up the box, It seems that EPG Import starts before the Common Interface Assignment plugin.

    When cold booting the box and starting with an encrypted channel, that message is always displayed once.


  • Last night I've made another test.

    I've switched the Dreambox to an un-encrypted channel prior to put it in deep standby.

    During the night, the DM920 has restarted as usual to fetch the EPG data.

    Restarting with a non encrypted channel, there was obviously no CI interface popup message, BUT the box did not re-enter into deep standby afterwards.

    So the CI assignment plugin is not involved in that issue.

    It seems that it's a problem with EPG importer. It seems that the option in the setup is ignored.

    I will do as suggested in an old post regarding that issue : https://forums.openpli.org/top…e-up-import-deep-standby/

    "A very simple workaround is to disable the timer and set the import to run at startup."

  • Why do you even use EPG Import? There's EPGRefresh which zaps through all channels at your defined time and this works. And no, if you still get the message you didn't do your job properly.