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epg language problem

  • hi all,

    I have dreamOS 2.5 - 4.3.1r28-2018-05-14. Dreambox Language: Greek ( the translation is awful ) . As i read i can't have language in English and epg lang Greek so i have select Greek as language in the box. All greek terrestrial Channels have epg both english and greek. The strange is that in infobar i have english epg . All other screens with epg( channel selection screen, details info, simple epg,multi epg)are ok in Greek.

    What can i do?

    This happens with all image with dreamOS and with all skin which i have test.

    You can reproduce this problem at 3E where greek DVBT channels have their feed.

    My box is Dm920.

    thanks in advance

  • InfoBar uses now/next from DVBStream while the rest is reading event information. So, you would have to check if now/next is as well sent in both languages. No dev here has the possibility to receive this satellite. But from what I remember you have posted the same question in DMM board a few weeks back.

  • Open* are not comparable with DreamOS. setEPGLanguage only exists for eServiceEvent. So, we can't do anything.