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Beiträge von Kem4k

    Hi I have inserted a radio station from webif internetradio and it gives me this error (I am attaching shoot below). What does it depend on? Thanks

    Now, I'm fully satisfied with the triple tune inside my good old 900UHD. DVB-S(2), DVB-C and DVB-T(2) are working very well for 70 bucks.

    I have round about 20-30 DVB-Sticks in my basement, most of them totally useless due the fact they changed here in germany from DVB-T (MPEG-2) to DVB-T2 (HEVC). Additionale ~10 TV Cards. That's life :D

    I'll also buy the triple tuner ... this a867 I throw it in the basement! :D:D

    After years on the run with dreamboxes, there is only one answer possible: Forget external tuners. It's an embedded system with restricted driver support (and restricted resources in developing & testing).

    OK thanks

    Hello the screen InternetRadioInformationScreen came out of the board

    I have fixed if it can be useful.

    1. <screen name="InternetRadioInformationScreen" position="center,111" size="1400,880" title="Streaming Information" >
    2. <ePixmap pixmap="Lack/buttons/red.png" scale="stretch" position="188,833" size="300,40" alphatest="on" />
    3. <ePixmap pixmap="Lack/buttons/green.png" scale="stretch" position="488,833" size="300,40" alphatest="on" />
    4. <ePixmap pixmap="Lack/buttons/yellow.png" scale="stretch" position="788,833" size="300,40" alphatest="on" />
    5. <ePixmap pixmap="Lack/buttons/blue.png" scale="stretch" position="1088,833" size="300,40" alphatest="on" />
    6. <widget source="key_red" render="Label" position="188,833" size="300,40" zPosition="1" font="Regular;24" halign="center" valign="center" transparent="1" backgroundColor="background" foregroundColor="foreground" />
    7. <widget render="Label" source="headertext" position="11,0" zPosition="1" size="1360,40" font="Regular;32" transparent="1" foregroundColor="grey" backgroundColor="background"/>
    8. <widget name="text" position="10,80" size="1370,740" font="Regular;28" transparent="1" backgroundColor="background" />
    9. </screen>


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    Hello I allowed myself to adapt epg import to your beautiful skin if it can be useful I enclose the code


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