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Beiträge von kamaxx

    Guten Morgen :)

    I have bought a dm900(tuner si2166b) and I have a problem with one transponder which requires high bitrate(hohe datenraten).

    Channels are pixelling(not db problem) and Ci Menu has not high bitrate choise as ON or OFF.

    Is there any plugin for this matter?

    Thanks in advance

    Gucki ,

    I had faced some similar problems like you.

    I solved the matter with these steps.

    Remove Old merlinskinthemes via merlin manager or telnet commands.

    I prefer telnet commands like this;

    *Connect dreambox

    #dpkg -l write and enter

    *Find full name MST and remove old MST

    For ie;

    #dpkg -r merlinskinthemesfullname.deb


    and Now We have to install new 2.8.0

    We give the following command if MST has installing problem

    #apt-get -f install

    Finally,We can change skin theme.

    I give up. BTW, separate threads for MerlinSkinThemes exists, so a diskussion about this plugin is on topic there and not here. This is the dead mens cold thread for Nuke.FHD.

    If i read "This edited skin(evo-generic)" I have a strong inspiration that you aren't talking about this Merlin specific skins, and your trouble depends on other problems.

    I am so sorry :( I have misunderstood for some wrong words.I mean Generic belongs to you.So I edited(switched) it via mst.

    Please go on to develop some skins We liked :)

    The available designs NOT depends on the MST version. MST is only the switcher for this options, available inside the Nuke.Evo screen.

    You shoud be able to switch to your prefered Neutrino view wit the actual MST version and select "Evolution (Neutrino)" under "designs.

    Or, if you like changes, try "Discover (Neutrino blue)" :D

    You are right about mst is switcher.

    But I tried two new different giterious MST version.Unfortunately,Anyhow It is crached.

    This one ; enigma2-plugin-extensions-merlinskinthemes_4.3.2+git10+0cac740268-r0.0_armhf

    That one ; enigma2-plugin-extensions-merlinskinthemes_4.3.2+git113+0cac740268-r0.1_armhf

    Its strange that I can not use nuke.evo skin.Cause; DM920 does not give picture on tv or webif even if MST is installed or not.

    Is there any feed for older MST?

    Ok, it seems the new MerlinSkinThemes version needs a little bit of attention, there are problems with the "skinpaththeme" parameter.

    Spoken for the skin Nuke.FHD itself, nothing is changed since months, the skin is EOL.

    I like your nuke skins.I installed manual and online merlinskinthemes plugin (enigma2-plugin-extensions-merlinskinthemes_4.3.2+git10+0cac740268-r0.0_armhf)

    Is there any solution for this matter?

    I don not understand Image version and other things are the same :(

    I now changed the other skin with merlinskinthemes.Jetzt Kein problem


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    dreamer-flt ,

    I can change my nuke.fhd skin theme via merlin skin theme plugin until yesterday.(I attached changed nuke.fhd skin)

    I also want to try out nuke evo skin and My dm920 does not give picture but control it via ftp.(neither lcd picture nor picture on tv)

    Finally,I installed last merlin image but No succeed on nuke.fhd skin theme.By the way, It can be change on other skins.

    Thanks in advance